Traditional Horizontal High-Speed Palletizing Machine


Traditional Horizontal High-Speed Palletizing Machine-Machine tools
  • Characteristics:This type is traditional high speed palletizing machine. It takes only 3~5 minutes to mingle with many major compositions including excipients, starch, pigments, and adhesive, averagely. Then add water or wine to palletizse. It only need 3~5 minutes to become wet pellets.
  • Application Examples:Urea resin, phenolics, melamine resin, epoxy resin, iron, carbon, selenium drum, battery raw material, feed, spice, salt, Si, CaCO3, and zeolite.
  • Specifications:
Type No. DY-S100 DY-S200 DY-S300
Capacity 100ι 200ι 300ι
Main spindle/HP 7½HP 15HP 20HP
RPM 85/170 85/170 85/170
Sub-spindle HP 3HP 5HP 5HP
RPM 3400/1700 3400/1700 3400/1700