Electroplated Diamond tools

Electroplated Diamond tools

This type of CBN cutter is specialized for grinding glass parts. The controller should have pecking function to avoid bad chip removal, which is related to CBN particles since the particle size is in proportion to the roughness of surface. We should say “grinding glass” instead of “cutting glass.”The spindle deflection will influence the grinding accuracy. Grinding is based on the consideration of smoothness, flatness, and parallelism. Press the surface of glass slowly and grind it by using abrasive. It is hard to control the smoothness, flatness, and parallelism under speedy cutting.

Grinding can be divided into coarse and fine grinding (fine grinding can be told as polishing). Coarse grinding is with bigger particles, it may increase the efficiency to get rid of thickness. When it reaches predetermined thickness, use find grinding to polish the surface of light transmittance and clarity. This way can restore the clarity of glass surface and light transmission.