Automatic Production Line


Automatic Production Line-Machine tools
  • Characteristics
    1. The 25kg starch mixes the 17kg traditional Chinese medicine thick paste body, so long as two minutes then become the wet pellets.
    2. This machine stirs the main axle by using oil pressure power which torsion is above 5 times than general pellet machines.
    3. The resolver of the vertical type super mixer, which can save 10% than general mixer, may reduce the production cost and increase the economic efficiency.
    4. The vertical type super mixer leaf and chopper both are located at the cover of barrel. The bottom of barrel is big arc shape and there is no dead space in the barrel. And it is designed in main and vice knife leaves, therefore it won’t have rub overheated of raw material and cause the nature change of the product.
    5. The biggest characteristic of this equipment is that it is suitable for matching difficult process, for example, Hydroxylpropylmethylcellulose of high viscosity μ=120000 CP and carbomer μ=331150 CP. Under such situation, it still could mix averagely and pelleting quickly.
    6. The unity formation of knife leaf plus the special technology design can reach the good mix effect and reduce the air pollution.
    7. This machine meets the CGMP requirements, clean, the correct effect standard, easy to clean, and it has the superior shear and cuttings ability, coordinates the main axle knife leaf of special design spiral-shaped, may cause the circulation of fluidity to prevent the solid block, then obtains the best formed pellet.
  • Applications:Including the automatic flow to the mixing granulation project, like the western medicine preparation, the scientific traditional Chinese medicine, the concentration paste body plus the powder pelleting, the health food, the chemical product and raw material, the soap powder and the toxic material and so on. Regarding the difficult processes of the high viscosity raw material of dry and wet pelleting, heating, and cooling pelleting, may present its outstanding benefits.
  • Specifications:
Type No. Capacity HP Effective Q’ty / one lot
Mix knife leaf Pelleting knife leaf
DY100 100L 10 3 35kg
DY200 200L 15 5 70kg
DY300 300L 20 5 105kg
DY400 400L 30 5 140kg
DY500 500L Torsion motor is conversion into powder proportion and viscosity.
DY1200 1200L Torsion motor is conversion into powder proportion and viscosity.
*This form powder body 0.5 proportion and 70% work volume conversion into kilogram quantity.