DLC Introduction

DLC technology was developed in the early 1970s. DLC (diamond-like carbon) is a hydrogen-containing amorphous carbon coating, which feature is close to tough diamond.

DLC is the amorphous carbon films combination of Graphite-Like Bond or sp2 and Diamond-Like Bond or sp3... LC is also known as non-crystalline diamond (a-D), another DLC containing a large number of hydrogen, known as hydrogenated DLC (a-c: H).

DLC Coating Equipment-DLC Introduction
  • DLC Coating Equipment
    Item New machine Original machine
    Chamber size Φ1200x1000 mm Φ1000x800 mm
    Effective use of space Φ1000x800 mm Φ800x600 mm
    Vacuum time 20 min 1.5 hr
    Venting time 0.2 min 5 min
    Batchtime 2 hr 3.5 hr
    Stripping Function yes no
    Stripping time 0.5 hr 6 hr(Optional Stripping Machine)
    Additional nitrogen consumption 0 3 vats / month
    Coating quality Coating for better quality Poor
    Machine structure 

    Easy to modify;

    Easy to repair

    Difficult to modify;

    Difficult to repair