BW carbide cutter cut carbide material

BW carbide cutter cut carbide material

Tungsten carbide is divided into ordinary carbide, micro grain carbide, and super micro grain carbide according to its gain size. According to chemical composition, it can be divided into tungsten carbide alloy and titanium carbide alloy.

The major component of Titanium carbide is TiC, bonding with Mo and Ni.

 BW develop new type CNC cutters specialized in cutting carbide work piece, HV550°. It is difficult material. We design special geometry, which is different from traditional end mills. Since general end mills will be broken if it cuts carbide mould, BW’s new cutter with new geometry, plus nano surface technology, which may reach smooth surface of work piece and prolong its life. Coating of cutter is advanced. The coating bar contents 15-20% of Si, which may increase its performance on difficult cutting.

BW achieves mission impossible – carbide tool cutting carbide work piece. However, BW got it!Cutting condition: dia R2, S=15000 rpm, Feed 1000, Depth 0.01-0.02mm. The finished products is with the same quality than EDM. It is more cost-saving than PCD diamond tools, so it will be a new solution for electronic mould industry.