What is cutting tool?

tool,What is cutting tool?

There are lots of metal products around us in our life, but we all know how they are produced?

There are many processing methods to make metal, cutting is the major one among them.

Firstly, let's learn about cutting tool and machining! We often talk about cutting tool. However, what is cutting tool?

At first, we should think about cutting tools around us.

There are a number of cutting tools in our lives .., kitchen knife, knives and other cutting tools (rub the radish), paper knife and pencil sharpener of the table, the saw and plane of tool box and so on, these also belong to cutting tools. Cutters change shape of objects through cutting, and produce cutting debris.

We should have understood that cutting tool is the tool that may change the shape into our expected form through cutting. The cutters in life includes fruit knife, vegetable knife, and cutting saws for wood, etc.

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