Tungsten steel cutter,super hard alloy cutter?

Cutting Tools: What’s the difference among tungsten carbide, tungsten steel cutter, and super hard alloy cutter?

There are many kinds of different milling cutters. It may be divided into three categories as below according to its applications.

In fact, they are saying the same tool. The component is tungsten carbide (WC) and took part in the P type, M type, and K type. Micro grain carbide tool is made of tungsten carbide and adding some elements to to increase the hardness and abrasion resistance. Super hard alloy cutting tools is named by Japanese, which is also tungsten carbide cutter.

P, M, and K types are divided according to the different turning material.

  • P-type (most common) is suitable for turning mild steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel ....
  • K type is suitable for turning of high hardness materials such as cast iron, high-speed steel (HSS) or heat treated material....
  • M type is between the P and, K types which is suitable for difficult material or higher tensile strength material such as tin, hydraulic rod ....

Drill cutter and lathe tool depend on cutting volume.

HSSis suitable to produce drill bit cutters. Tungsten carbide is suitable for small cutting amount, good surface roughness or cutting high hardness material.

Turning tools mostly adopt tungsten carbide material, which is rarely used HSS material, unless for special purposes only!

Tungsten carbide steel is low cost, which applicable range is wider. But in some traditional industries, like automobile/motorcycle industries, pick only one type from P,K, and M type. .. but it is not suitable for optical and optoelectronic industry. Those industries mostly require a high surface roughness (mirror finishing) and the shape accuracy of the tool. Hence the basic knowledge of the diamond tool is very important. The general schools have detailed theory only for HSS high speed steel, tungsten steel tool and cutting tool. But we only know and learn the application and characteristics of diamond toolafter we enter into the community.Not only tungsten carbide or the HSS material, but also you can consider the CBN cutters or diamond tools for non-ferrous metals, the benefits are reducing tool change time and its superior performance and tool life.

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