Length of the CNC lathe clamp for cutting tools?

How to calculate the clamping length of the CNC lathe clamp for cutting tools?

Generally, when working project includes face cutting, outer cutting, and inner cutting three ways and rough or heavy cutting, of course we will try to extend the clamping length, and calculate the suitable pressure.

  • Question (1): How to calculate the shortest clamp length without experience?
  • Question (2): How to calculate the most proper clamp pressure without experience?

At first we should clarify a concept: When we machine one work piece, the first thing we should think about is “how to cut it into two halves"?

  1. The work piece is split in half, we must consider another important issue?
  2. How to fold? How long to clamp? Inter clamp or outer clamp? How to set the standard face?

We don’t need to consider above problems if we machine the work pieces of general diameter. But we must consider the wall thickness if we work inner and outer diameters (excessive pressure will cause deformation).

Sum of the above questions:

  1. Decided the hold surface
  2. The thickness of holding (diameter 2mm. the maximum pressure 1kg/cm square)

For example: the pressure of the gripping surface 15mm long (as large as will not cause any pinch) bore roughing of cut can be unilateral 4mm still will not feed 0.5mm/rev turning length up to 150mm into vibration.

There is no formula for clamping length and pressure, because too many factors to consider (like the work piece shape, cut strength and feed ....)

Suggestions are as following:

thickness unilateral 1mm which pressure is up to 1kg/cm square speed only, 800R.P.M. . the gripping surface should be above 3mm (or more).