Vortex Tube Cooler-Characteristics

  • It may improve the efficiency of heat insulation.
  • EnduranceIt may produce cool air rapidly; no consumption material; long tool life; low cost; endurable for usage .
  • LubricatorSpiral tube cooler with lubricator may improve the roughness of work piece then increase the fineness of surface; it may reach superior solution through cool air plus oil mist, and prolong tool life and working period.
  • Environmental protectionNo electric power and coolant needed; safe, clean, and no pollution. 
  • Temperature of cool airWith multi-layers of thermal tube which may decrease the influence of surrounding temperature to cool air.
  • Easy to operateEasy to use, it may produce very cool air through the driving of air compressor(recommended power: above 5HP)Any person may use it easily without training.
  • Easy to adjustThere is a valve at the entry which may avoid oily and you don’t need to set the volume of oil mist again next time, you  may adjust and select cool air or cool air plus oil mist easily.  
  • Temperature control separatelyFor divided series only.  It may cut off heat into proper place and keep the work room in a constant temperature.
  • ApplicationApply for electronic and 3D mold engraving industries, cutting PCB, plastic, acrylic, huge metal, woodwork, Cu, Al, cast iron, etc., also good at nano-grade-machinery working.  It may decrease the working temperatureand shake and promote the working quality.