Diamond Thermal Grease

Transmitting medium includes Si and Silver in the general thermal grease, especially Silver could result Electro-static discharge, but Diamond’s Thermal Grease won’t. A small among of diamond thermal grease could have the similar effect of mono diamond’s structure and even reach the best thermal performance.

  • Step
    • Step1:Get a trace of diamond paste on rough tissue paper to wipe the object hard which you want to polish till black oxide material appears.
    • Step2:Then wipe it out to get bright and clean surface. Wipe it by adding few alcohol which may get rid of the oxide part sooner.
  • Comparison:
    Item Diamond Thermal Grease Normal Thermal Grease
    Thermal Conductivity
    80 w/mk 5 w/mk
    Color Light Yellow Gray or White
    CPS Paste Paste
    Operating Temperature
    -50~250°C -50~200°C
  • BW Diamond Thermal Grease:
    Name Thermal Conductivity
    Pure Diamond Thermal Grease 6W/mk(Antistatic)
    Impure Diamond Thermal Grease-50% 4W/mk (Antistatic)
    Graphite Grease 3W/mk(Conductive electricity)
    SiC Grease 2W/mk(Antistatic)
  • Knowledge: It can be used for all metal, ceramic, and plastic objects and it may reach double effect by adding car polisher. However, it cannot be used on electroplated metal, paint, wood, and baked-enamel painting objects.