Working Principle

  • PECVD Theory:
    • there are two electrodes, upper and lower, inside the chambers. The work piece is placed under the lower substrate electrode, which is heated to 100 ° C ~ 400 ° C.
    • Adding one high radio frequency, RF voltage, between the two electrodes, there will have glow phenomenon.
    • Reaction gas is introduced from the outer edge of the sedimentary chamber, flow through the glow radiation area, and is discharged in the central part of sedimentary chamber by the vacuum pump.
    • Schematic Diagram
      PECVD theory-Schematic diagram
  • DLC Schematic Diagram:
    • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition(PECVD)
    • Acetylene (gas)+Electromagnetic waves→DLC
    • DLC Schematic Diagram
      DLC Schematic Diagram