Lapping film for car

There are three types of BW polishing products:

Car polishing tape

Product description:

BW precision grinding tape, with the help of high voltage electrostatic force, plants fine grinding granule on the abrasive film of high strength, so that the granule can be directed evenly distributed, may provide a higher grinding efficiency and bright polished effect.  The abrasive granule, contenting alumina oxide, silicon carbide..etc.,  is suitable for grinding and polishing materials of different hardness.

Product Features:

  1. Abrasive particles in regular agreement, so the surface of the product is sharp, and with high cutting efficiency.
  2. Abrasive granule evenly distributed on the surface, combined with a special binder to prevent deep wrinkles and irregular lines, which is difficult to cause deep scratches.
  3. Good chip removal capacity, not easy to be blockked.
  4. PET with water-resistant, oil resistant, available in both dry or wet grinding.
  5. Excellent durability, which can be sustained grinding to reduce production costs.

Product Specifications:

Abrasive type Aluminum Oxide(AO)、Silicon Carbide(SC)
Mesh 150 180 240 320 360 500 800 1200 2000
Particle size/μm 100 80 60 50 40 30 20 15 9
Base thickness 125μm(5mil)、75μm(3mil),tensile strength is about 90-100N/mm²(Mpa)
Width 101.6mm(4inch)× 46m、12.6mm(1/2inch)× 46m
  • Note 1: standard with non-slip layer, in addition to the above specifications, according to the specific requirements of customers, processing of products of special specifications.
  • Note 2: precision grinding with products and ultra-precision polishing with products supporting.

Car polishing tape