BW PCD side milling cylinder cutting tool for light guide plate

Side Milling Cylinder Cutting Tool

Improvable suggestions for electronic panel industry according to this case:

At present, the main material of light guide plate is optical acrylic (PMMA) plate. Customers currently use carbide side milling cutter to cut light guide plate. Since the material problems with the material itself holes, it will sometimes result in a cutting line pattern generated, which line has no direct relationship with the carbide cutter. The tool edge is based on polishing till mirror face. Hence, we recommend PCD material to improve it.

Comparison and improvement suggestions:

  1. Carbide cutter cannot be used in long time processing.
  2. Carbide cutter cannot reach high-precision size request.
  3. Due to machinery limitation of carbide tool, difficult blade geometry cannot be done.
  4. PCD tool can process mirror working according to material properties.
  5. Using PCD tool, accuracy and stability of machine should be strengthened.
  6. PCD cutting tool is with long time processing capacity.

The hardness of PCD material is up to 8000HV, for the 80 ~ 120 times carbide; thermal conductivity is 700W/mK, which is 1.5 to 9 times carbide, even is higher than the PCBN. PCD tool may transmit heat rapidly; general friction coefficient is only 0.1~ 0.3 (carbide friction coefficient is 0.4 ~ 1), which can significantly reduce the cutting force; thermal expansion coefficient is only 0.9×10-6~1.18×10-6, equivalent to only 1 / 5 of carbide, so the heat deformation of cutter is small, high accuracy and low affinity with non-metallic materials so that the small chip won’t be easily bonded on cutter to form built-up edge. If we make comparison with PCD and carbide materials on SEM photographs, we cannot see the holes of PCD material until 2000 times magnification, which is the biggest difference with carbide.

PCD cutting tool is expensive, hence that’s the key point for the plate manufacturers.

BW PCD side milling cylinder cutting tool for light guide plate

Applicable field of PCD cutting tools:

car parts/hardware, auto parts, surface treatment, craft products, carved, copper flower, metal buttons of hand phone, cell phone case, digital case, the metal high-light flower, watch surface, pins, the knife inside the watch, plate, highlight signs, CD grains, sun pattern, and colorful lines of car, aluminum products, grains on panels and outside case of electric stuffs, automotive panels, computer peripherals, transparent case of computer, acrylic polishing, pressure organic glass) high light (or polishing) chamfering, lenses, windows, electrical precision lathe processing, etc.