Cutting Wood Curtain Plate

Cutting Wood Curtain Plate

This case is for improvements about cutter design of cutting wood curtain plate. The required diameter and distance of inter holes are not standard specification. We decide to produce it since it doesn’t affect the process and cutting ability after precise simulation. As the customer cut curtain wood board, he found deckle edge caused which result in the complaints about visual beauty. We visited them and researched their requirements then we had the following proposals:

  1. Enhance the paint adhesion of wooden shutters.
  2. Angle of cutters should be amended about 20 to 13 degrees in order to increase its sharpness of edge.
  3. Reduce the number of tool teeth for increasing its sharpness and exact availability.
  4. Improve the accuracy of cutter deflection in tolerance.
  5. Increase the spindle speed.

There are some significant improvements about deckle edge after problems solved!