Polishing Fabric / Polishing Cloth

There are two types of BW polishing tape :

  • Polishing Fabric:BW precise polishing fabric is produced by the advanced slurry coating technology through coating the abrasives on the textile materials. It is perfect for removing foreign matters on glass panels.
  • Precise polishing fabric
    tool-Diamond Tools-Precise polishing fabric tool-Diamond Tools-Precise polishing fabric
  • Characteristics:
    • Excellent cleaning performance for TFT-LCD panel.
    • Complete elimination by chip pocket and superior surface finishing result scratches free.
    • High adhesive ability avoiding abrasives falling off.
  • Specification:
    Mineral Aluminum oxide(AO)、silica carbide(SC)、
    cerium oxide(CO)、Silicon oxide(SO)
    Base material Terylene and filarrent material with high strength and softness
    Particle Size Mesh 1500 2000 3000 8000 10000
    µm 12 9 5 1 0.5
    Tape Size 152mm×9m,200mm×9m
  • Application:

    Cleaning of the TFT-LCD panel during the Cell process before the polarized film attached, such as sealing resin, dust, contamination and glass cullet.

Polishing Tape