AO 、SC 、SiO2 Polishing Slurry

There are two types of BW polishing slurry :

  • Polishing Slurry:

    Our polishing slurries are made with particles completely dispersed in the mixed liquids. They have fine chemical-mechanical performance and are widely used for lapping and precision polishing of silicon chips, compound crystals, optical devices, liquid crystal displays, gems, metallic works etc.

  • SiO2 Slurry
    SiO2 Slurry-Others Polishing Slurry
  • AO、SC Polishing Slurry:
    BW-CO series, AO series and SC series polishing slurry are produced from superior fine abrasives. They’re suit for the super finishing of high-precision optical materials, hard disk substrates, fiber optic connectors, magnetic head, crystal compounds, ceramics, IC manufacturing etc. with good dispersibility, uniform particle size distribution, and high removal rate performance .
  • Characteristics:
    • Very low impurity.
    • Good dispersing stability.
  • Specifications:
    Series Order Code Particle Size (D50,μm) Density(wt%)
    AO Series AO-1/2 0.4-0.6 10-60
    AO-2 1.6-2.4
    AO-3 2.9-3.6
    SC Series SC-1 0.8-1.2
    SC-3 2.6-3.6
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  • SiO2 Slurry:Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) Slurries are colloidal silica liquid made of high purity de-ionized water, highly engineered chemical additives and abrasives that chemically and mechanically interact with work piece surface to remove excess materials, therefore smooth or flatten the surface. They are widely used for nanometer scale chemical mechanical polishing fields such as silicon wafers, compound crystals, optical apparatus, and sapphire polishing. The slurries have a wide range of diameter from 10 to 150 nm to meet different requirements. There are alkaline and acidic slurries based on the pH.
  • Characteristics:
    1. High speed polish: with large particle of colloidal silica (Grit size up to 150 nm).
    2. Controllable size: a wide range of custom-graded colloidal silica slurries from 10 to 150 nm that suits individual needs and applications.
    3. High purity: the content of Cu2+<50 ppb, without contamination on the work piece .
    4. Super-smooth polishing: with the particle of SiO2, avoid scratch on the object surface.
  • Available Sizes of SiO2 Slurry:
    Alkaline Type SOQ-2 SOQ-4 SOQ-6 SOQ-8 SOQ-10 SOQ-12
    Acidic Type ASOQ-2 ASOQ-4 ASOQ-6 ASOQ-8 ASOQ-10 ASOQ-12
    Grit Size(nm) 10~30 30~50 50~70 70~90 90~110 110~130
    Appearance Milk white or semitransparent liquid
    Density (g/ml) 1.15±0.05
    Component Component Content(wt%)
    SiO2 15~30
    Na2O ≤0.3
    Heavy metal impurity ≤50 ppb

Polishing Slurry