Slitter Knives (Top/Bottom Slitter Knives)


  • Product Information:strength and dimensionally accurate bevels enable excellent cut and burr-free razor sharp edges. We use only high quality solid steel and high speed steel in the manufacturing of our slitter knives to accrue greater consistency and stable cutting. To meet your demand of wide variety material cutting, we offer large variety of material.

    Professional paper cutting knives made by HSS containing tungsten are with some benefits as below:

    1. Cutting under high temperature with low-wearness.

    2. Great improvement on hardness and wear resistance after heat treatment.

    3. It may fit machine makers’ design of special purpose.

    • Order Code:BW-SK2-02
    tool-Corrugated Industry-Slitter Knives (Top/Bottom Slitter Knives)
    • Order Code:BW-SK2-03
    tool-Corrugated Industry-Slitter Knives (Top/Bottom Slitter Knives)