Sheeter Knives


  • Product Information:The sheeter knives moves in a rotary movement effectively cutting sheets of paper material to exact specified length; it's also been called a stop cutter. At the exact point of cut, the sheet is "stopped" out or cut to the desired length; the sheeting process generally consists of two blades working together. At the point of cut they work like a straight shear blade, but the rest of all points before and after they work like the whole rotary blade. NAK sheeter knives are manufactured to dust-free cutting edge technology with extremely close tolerances. straightening process insured maximum parallelism mirror surface finishes on blade enable excellent cut quality and longer lasting life.

    Professional paper cutting knives made by HSS containing tungsten are with some benefits as below:

    1. Cutting under high temperature with low-wearness.

    2. Great improvement on hardness and wear resistance after heat treatment.

    3. It may fit machine makers’ design of special purpose.

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    tool-Corrugated Industry-Sheeter Knives